As I sat down to write a post on writing tips, I realized that I should really start the post with an anecdote to help drive home the point. But I couldn’t think of anything cute or clever…..until it dawned on me that I’d just done it! Bam!

See how I did that? I pulled you in with a story. We’re naturally drawn to stories and anecdotes. Naturally curious, we always want to know what comes next and by painting a mental picture, you form a stronger memory and leave a more distinct impression.

Anecdotes serve as a great mechanism for pulling in and engaging the reader. Anecdotes won’t work for every piece of writing; for example, a hard news story. Although there are times where storytelling can be a powerful tool, even in a news story!

I typically start content in one of two ways: with the who/what/when/where/how/why OR with an anecdote. So give it a go, whether you’re writing a blog post, a Facebook post, a letter, an email or your next book. You can also start with a story if you’re giving a presentation or lecture.

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